Monday, June 18, 2012

Big Brother and Big Sister

Having baby Henry join us hasn't been the only thing that has changed for our family over the past year. Our other two sweet babies have grown so much in such a short amount of time.

Auden James turned three in March, the day before his baby brother Henry was born. Auden is all boy. He loves wrestling and camping and playing outside. I have no doubt that he would choose to live outdoors if he could. When he absolutely has to be inside he likes to watch old superhero cartoons. He loves them all, but his favorites are Spiderman, Batman, and the Hulk. He almost always wears his boots, belt, cape, and mask. Then he runs around my house, saving the day, singing his own theme song. "Super-Auden! Super-Auden! Super-Auden to the RESCUE!!!". He made it up. He loves it.

Auden is smart, sometimes to smart. He is clever and catches on quick. One his most endearing qualities is his desire to learn. He wants to know everything about everything. He is constantly asking questions, and then absorbing the answers. I love that he is genuinely fascinated by the world around him, and he is eager to explore it all.

Auden is a happy kid, who laughs easily and is almost always smiling. He likes to be silly, and already has a funny sense of humor. He is a very loving boy. He gives me hugs and kisses without me asking for them, and is known to say such things as "You know what mama? I love you!" or "I love you, Family!" or "Get over here and give me a big love!" out of nowhere.

Margaret Kate is 18 months old, and is a true girly-girl. She likes to be dolled up, and will literally squeal with delight when we tell her she is pretty. She likes to have her nails painted and always chooses pink polish. She likes to play with her dolls, or as she calls them, "babies". But her favorite thing is definately animals. She loves them all; dogs, cats, turkeys, cows, pigs. You name the animal, and she loves it. Any time she sees one, she goes right up to it and starts petting, hugging, kissing, laughing... she just lights up and gets so excited. It makes me smile and laugh every time.

One fun thing about Margaret right now is the way her little language is really starting to come together. She knows so many words and can tell us exactly what she wants, when she wants it. I love hearing her talk, and talking back with her. She gets this little look on her face like she is so proud of herself every time she learns a new word or successfully communicates something to us. She is also a little copy-cat, and spends most of her day shadowing her big brother. While it is cute to see her running around after him trying her best to keep up, it is slightly terrifying for me to watch her as she attempts some of the same jumps and stunts she sees her older brother doing.

Margaret is a sweet girl with tender little feelings. She likes to climb up onto my lap with her favorite blanket and say "Hold! Hold! Snuggle! Snuggle!", a request that I find impossible to decline. She is sweet and loving and completely adorable, everything a little girl should be!

Auden and Margaret are both in love with Henry. They like to help me take care of him, and always fight over who gets to hold him next. I love these little crazies. Each one of them adds so much to our family, and now that they are all here I can't imagine life without any one of them.

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